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Last Updated: 08/14/18

Gretchen Whitmer is a proven fighter, can mobilize people to take on our big challenges, and will work to get things done for all Michiganders. As a mom, former legislator, and prosecutor, she’ll fight for the things that matter to people and put them first.

After years of one-party rule, it’s clear that Lansing and Washington are broken and we can’t trust the status quo to get government listening to the people again. When people have needed a fighter, they’ve always turned to Gretchen. As our next governor, she won’t back down from the tough fights, will challenge both parties to do what’s right, and will keep listening to people as she mobilizes Michigan for change on the important issues.

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College Michigan State University
Phone Number (517) 763-2955
Ethnicity Caucasian: Eastern/Western European/White

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To get ahead, Michiganders need one good job and we need to be able to get to that job. But our roads are so bad they cost the average driver more than $540 a year, and none of that fixes a single pothole. We know that we’re not helpless because Michigan gets the same weather as our neighbors do.

While politicians in Lansing vote down road funding solutions for political gain, the dire state of our highways is endangering our people and getting in the way of our economic prosperity. Michigan deserves a governor who will fix the problem and knows how to bring people together to get it done.

More than 70 communities have drinking water systems with higher lead levels than Flint and billions of gallons of sewage currently contaminate our water ways. It’s time to fix it, and fix it right.

To grow our economy and make Michigan a state that businesses move to and can grow in, we must invest in our roads, bridges, water systems, broadband, and electrical grid. Good roads are good for Michigan families and businesses and infrastructure investment is economic development. We can attract the jobs of the future and help businesses grow right here in Michigan.

Now let’s get to work.

My plan would:

 Fix it and fix it right. Upgrade Michigan’s roads, bridges, and water systems

 Invest in good infrastructure because it’s good for business

 Make a bold investment in the Rebuild Michigan Bank, a state infrastructure bank that will pay for high quality upgrades and create thousands of good jobs

 A strategic plan to dig less and build smarter

 Make commutes safer and faster

 Ensure clean safe water

 Build a new Soo Lock

 Connect more Michiganders to high-speed broadband Internet

Health Care

Everyone in Michigan has a right to quality health care they can afford, and that means expanding coverage and lowering costs. We are reaching a critical point where the cost of health care plans – with skyrocketing premiums and deductibles – is too high for most families, seniors, and hardworking Michiganders. While I’m proud of the work I did to expand health care in Michigan, we have a long way to go. No one should have to choose between paying the rent or filling a prescription. As Governor, I’ll stand up to Washington when politicians try to take health coverage away from people, and I’ll work with anyone who wants to expand coverage, and lower costs of health care, starting with prescription drugs.

 Expanding Medicaid. As Senate Democratic Leader, I led negotiations to expand access to healthcare to more than 630,000 Michiganders through the state’s Medicaid expansion. Healthy Michigan added 30,000 jobs per year to our state and $2.3 billion to our economy.

 Protecting our care. We fought too hard to let Washington raise costs on seniors, families, and hardworking Michiganders. As Governor, I will defend our health care from these attacks, but we must keep fighting to address the cost of health care and lower the cost of prescription drugs until everyone in Michigan has access to an affordable health plan and can afford their treatment.

 Restoring funding to Planned Parenthood so that women and men in low income and rural areas have access to preventative care like screenings and checkups, contraception, and maternity care.

 Access to care in rural Michigan by enlisting technology, bringing people together, and harnessing the incredible talent of our state to find solutions to the challenges faced by rural hospitals and care providers. I’m ready to bring people together to find solutions so that every Michigander, no matter where they live, gets the care they need.


Health Care

After a lifetime of hard work, we must honor the promises made to our seniors so that they can retire in dignity in the state that they love. But right now working families and seniors are paying higher taxes under Governor Snyder
As governor, I will protect our seniors and retirees by:

  Getting rid of the Snyder Retirement Tax, which will put more money in the pockets of Michigan seniors to spend on things like gas, groceries, and prescription drugs – which will help our small businesses grow and create jobs.

  Supporting options for independence at home, which should be a reality for more seniors who deserve financial and medical peace of mind. I will stand up to attacks on senior care, and will fight to improve coordinated medical benefits so that seniors can receive the healthcare they need in the comfort of their own homes for as long as they wish.

 Working to end elder abuse. As Senate Democratic Leader, I championed laws to create serious legal consequences for elder abuse, and attempts to exploit, neglect, intimidate, harm, or steal from our seniors. As Governor, I will continue to honor, defend, and respect our seniors and their rights.


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Lansing, Michigan 48901

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