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Last Updated: 08/08/18

I am proud to call myself a Kansan. But I have been disheartened by the way our district has been represented in Congress. We deserve a voice who represents our values and interests.

Since graduating from Johnson County Community College, I earned a law degree from Cornell and have focused my career on bringing equity and opportunity to underserved communities. After completing a year as a White House Fellow in Washington during the Obama-Trump transition, I know that now is the time to take action for our community and for our nation.

As the daughter of a single mother Army veteran, I know the importance of determination and service to country. As a woman and a Native American, I know how to stand up and fight for equity. As a lawyer, economic advisor, and advocate, I know how to build consensus and get things done.

Please join me as we take our vision of opportunity, equity, and action to the Third District.

Let’s get to work!

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College Cornell
Ethnicity Native American/Alaskan Native

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Sharice believes -

  • The current Republican tax bill is a corporate giveaway and a handout to the wealthiest 1 percent of Americans. 
  • Worst yet, the tax bill saddles our future generations with a crippling financial burden and further in debts our country to foreign nations, such as China.
  • Small businesses are the lifeblood of America and need to be front of mind when creating economic policy.
  • Modernizing our aging infrastructure is necessary to maintain our communities and our economies. It would create thousands of jobs and provide a foundation for decades of future growth.

Sharice plans to -

  • Fight for a true tax cut for the middle class.
  • Incentivize health care benefits for small businesses and create a small business standard deduction to lower administrative costs.
  • Create a childcare tax credit to help working families across America.
  • Support efforts to increase broadband access, which is key to economic success in the modern economy.


Sharice believes -

  • Every student should have access to quality public education, regardless of their zip code, ability, or special needs.
  • Supporting early childhood education and afterschool programs benefits families and gives children more opportunities to succeed.
  • The cost of obtaining a college degree has skyrocketed and so has the likelihood of crushing student loans. We should be implementing policies that encourage and facilitate the opportunity for higher education.
  • Students should be exposed to careers in trades and technical areas - skills that are vitally important to a robust economy.

Sharice plans to -

  • Implement a holistic approach to education, focusing on access to quality public options from pre-K through secondary higher education and promoting strong, skills-based training programs.
  • Prioritize access to public education and facilitate ways for Congress to partner with and support states in implementing robust K-12 systems. Sharice will work to support opportunities to hone technical skills through apprenticeships and partnerships with community colleges and trade schools.
  • Support Head Start programs and ensure they are operating effectively. Sharice understands the importance of afterschool and summer programs for educational success, particularly in households where adults are working long hours to support their families.
  • Support policies that enable people to refinance student loans at lower rates and make it easier to renegotiate a loan’s terms.
  • Support initiatives such as loan forgiveness programs for those entering public service.

Health Care

Sharice believes -

  • Too many Americans are suffering - and dying - because they lack affordable healthcare.
  • It is unacceptable that we pay the highest cost for prescription drugs in the world.
  • Women face too many restrictions and regulations over the care of their own bodies. Costs are too high for the full range of necessary reproductive healthcare services, including pre-natal, post-natal, contraception, and fertility treatment.  

Sharice plans to -

  • Support the continued expansion of Medicaid.
  • Support legislation that prevents price gouging and restricts the ability of companies to slow the introduction of generic brands.
  • Enable Medicare to negotiate drug prices.
  • Support legislation that ensures women have access to a full range of healthcare services and that they are not excluded from insurance plans or denied care by providers. 
  • Support initiatives aimed at reducing the alarming and preventable disparity of maternal mortality rate facing African American mothers.

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