What is Political Sisterhood?

Political Sisterhood is an data collection and analysis firm which provides a unique analysis of the congressional races and single-access internet portal for to information and links on every registered woman candidate for the 2018 U.S. Congressional elections. Everyone who identifies as a woman regardless of political party. ​

Political Sisterhood provides non-partisan and objective information on each candidate in order to support the goal of having equal representation in our highest offices of government.

Where does Political Sisterhood get information from?

Where does Political Sisterhood get its information from? The staff at Political Sisterhood take the time to research each candidate, to delve deep into government websites and a variety of other sources. We feel that more information is better and that giving readers as much objective information in one place will lead to better knowledge and support of women candidates. Sources include FEC.gov, candidate campaign sites, direct data collection from the candidate, and many other sources.

How did Political Sisterhood get started?

The concept of Political Sisterhood was created by Susan Wood. With a degree in Economics and experience in both the finance industry and the higher education arenas her "outside of the box" concept has resulted in a unique opportunity for candidates to be seen and heard on a larger scale than ever before.
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